CoolKit Technology Announces to Integrate New ‘Matter’ Standard in its eWeLink IoT Smart Home solution

发布时间 2021-08-12 14:40:53

eWeLink, the IoT platform of CoolKit Technology, and a world’s leading IoT solution provider in Smart Home, announces its wireless solutions for Matter end products are currently under development that support Thread and Wi-Fi.

The new open-source, unified connectivity protocol, Matter, previously named CHIP (Connected Home over IP), will be applicable to many smart home and building solutions including lighting, locks, speakers, HVAC controls, security systems, and routers.

As a formal member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), previously named the Zigbee Alliance, eWeLink has been committed to promote more secure and industry-unifying standards. In the future, eWeLink products will be enriched with Matter, making more connected eWeLink products compatible with this new industry-unifying standard.

When asked what makes “Matter” a better standard, we could provide multiple strong reasons.

More secure, reliable, and interoperable for manufacturers to develop

Matter standard is based on the existing network communication protocols, including Ethernet (802.3), Wi-Fi (802.11) and Thread (802.15.4), and security is as a core tenant of Matter with an architecture that makes the IoT more secure by applying best practices.

Compared with other IoT standards, Matter makes it easier for the manufacturers to develop devices and ensure they are compatible with smart home and voice services such as Amazon Alexa, Siri for Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung’s SmartThings and more.

Beyond that, eWeLink wireless solutions for Matter allow developers to focus on innovation and bring products to market that enable a seamless consumer experience.

More simple, flexible and seamless for consumers to use

Matter allows users to easily set up and control multiple smart home ecosystem devices at the same time. In addition to its powerful interoperability and flexibility, Matter also simplified the connection process, and makes it easy for consumers to buy and use.

With Matter, instead of being limited to only those products that work with the smart system already in place, homes and businesses will now have the choice to integrate the new Matter certified devices that best fit their needs, regardless of brand.

A future trend of wireless communication protocol development

Considering Matter’s collaborative breakthrough in connectivity, there is every reason to believe that Matter will be the recent trend in wireless communication field.

Since CoolKit Technology became a member of CSA (formerly Zigbee Alliance), its IoT platform eWeLink team has demonstrated continued commitment to excellence and pursuit of customer satisfaction. Starts from the wall panel solution for Matter we are developing, eWelink will expand the Matter standard to more categories in the future.

About eWeLink
eWeLink is a full-fledged IoT Smart Home turnkey solution provider for WiFi/Zigbee/GSM/Bluetooth module and firmware, PCBA hardware, global IoT SaaS platform, and open API, etc. eWeLink empowers brands launching their own smart devices at minimal time and cost. eWeLink has been dedicated in working with everything. In the future, eWeLink will be continuously dedicated in breaking through the connection barriers of smart home devices, and to develop the future of reliable connectivity with Matter.

Source: eWeLink (by CoolKit Technology)
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